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Hearsay is a podcast for lawyers and anyone interested in the law.
If you are a lawyer, you can rely on Hearsay to satisfy
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

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How It Works

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

Listen to an episode on your computer or phone, while at work, walking the dog, exercising, commuting, gardening or playing croquet, you decide!

Guests on Hearsay have varied backgrounds, they include specialized lawyers, academics and professional advisers, such as psychologists, economists and management consultants. All episodes include a transcript, bio of our guests, an overview highlighting the legal concepts discussed in the episode, an infographic and e-learning modules that provide instantaneous results.  For more information on each guest, go to our episode page where you will find all of our episodes and the bios of each guest.

Episodes vary between 50 and 75 minutes in length. They focus on interviews and ‘story-based’ learning, just like the podcasts we all love listening to. But they are so much more, as each episode also provides technical or substantive legal content around the framework of a particular guest’s story or experience.

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Who's Behind The Scenes

Image of Nicola Cosgrove co-founder of Hearsay The Legal Podcast and co-founder of Assured Legal Solutions.

Nicola Cosgrove

Co-creator & Lawyer
Photo of David Turner, host of Hearsay the Legal Podcast

David Turner


Ross Davis

Producer & Lawyer

Jacob Malby

Legal Researcher

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