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Australian lawyers can rely on Hearsay to satisfy their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

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How Does It Work?


Where can I find CPD requirements?

The requirements apply to Australian lawyers; they are set out in the Legal Profession Uniform Continuing Professional Development (Solicitors) Rules 2015.


What are the CPD requirements?

Lawyers are required to complete ten (10) CPD units each year. Within those ten (10) units lawyers must include at least one (1) CPD unit every CLE year in each of the following compulsory fields:

  1. Ethics and professional responsibility
  2. Practice management and business skills
  3. Professional skills
  4. Substantive law

What time period is the CLE year?

The CLE year runs from 1 April to 31 March.


How are CPDs assessed?

The continuing professional development scheme is based on self-assessment. As a lawyer, you need to be satisfied that the activity claimed extends your knowledge and skills in areas that are relevant to your practice needs or professional development.


Are there any restrictions on claiming points on Hearsay?

No. If you want to, you can claim all of your points on Hearsay. We have specifically designed Hearsay to enable lawyers to claim all of their points from the one service.

Lawyers can claim up to five CPD points in a year from audio-only material. To claim further CPD points from Hearsay content, you must also interact with additional material on the Hearsay website. This includes reading the additional summary materials and references in the show notes and completing e-learning modules that let you test your knowledge of the content you’ve just listened to. Each episode includes this material so you can pick and choose which additional content most interests you.

This means that Australian lawyers can rely on Hearsay to meet CPD requirements, flexibly in their own time, whether they are at their desk, at home, or on their commute or their lunch break.


How do the e-learning modules work?

Listening to the podcasts is only half the fun! Once you have listened to the content, you can engage with the episode material and then test your knowledge using our e-learning modules. This is a crucial step for lawyers who want to claim all of their CPD points on Hearsay.

The e-learning modules consist of 10 questions about the episode you have just listened to. The quizzes enable you, as the user, to better engage with the content and complete the e-learning modules in the same way you listen to the podcast – on the go and from your smartphone.

How you choose to complete the quiz module is entirely up to you!


Why should I sign up?

Sign up to Hearsay for complete access to all episodes.  Enjoy the flexibility of completing CPD requirements at a time convenient to you.

Hearsay will keep an electronic record of your continuing professional development activities so that you can keep track of how you are progressing toward satisfying CPD requirements each year. That record can also be used if you are audited by the Law Society.


Does Hearsay track my progress?

It sure does. Hearsay will track the episodes and modules you have completed, whilst also keeping track of the episodes you are part-way through. All of this information can be tracked in your user account.

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